Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tights, Tights, Tights! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I was hoping to have my circle lenses in to do a review, but I must wait a few more days. Since I would like to make a blog post, I decided, why not make a post on where to find cute tights and leggings? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I have been wanting to buy a pair of her tights for SO long, but I always end up buying other things and such, ugh ; A ; They are so cute though!
Since I cannot tell you of the quality, here are two reviews:
Pastel Party Tights Review by Luna Rain
Once I own a pair I will definitely review them! Also, you can view customer photos of the tights being worn and such on her website. Just click on the tights you are interested in!

Alas, I do not own any of her tights either. I must get around to getting more tights...
Here is a review:
Sweetie Dreams Tights Review by kawaiigoods1 (the owner of KawaiiGoods)
As with Holley Tea Time's site, if you click on the tights your are interested in you can see worn photos.

They only have one style of tights right now, but still very cute!
Here are two reviews:
Melty Star Tights Review by mzcherryrockett
Melty Stars Tights Review by Aussie Girl in a Lolita World

Sweetie Cakes Tights
Finally, a pair I own. I know, I really should own more so I can let you all know of the quality and what not... Sorry! Anyways, I own the Confetti Party tights and have Milky/Melty Galaxy in lavender pre-ordered and Candy Party in mint pre-ordered.
Here are my worn photos of Confetti Party:

I love Sweetie Cakes tights! They are very comfortable and super cute~ I cannot wait to receive my two other pair so I can share photos and my opinion of them with all of you. I do highly recommend the Confetti Party tights, and right now they are on sale ;3
If you click on the pair of tights your are interested in you can see the finished product and some worn photos!

Hypnotic Sweet Treats Tights
I'm not sure if this is a newer brand and I have found no reviews on these tights (since I'm thinking this is their first pair of tights). They are on pre-order right now and if anyone buys them I would love to know of the quality!

admcity1 tights (an eBay seller)
Here are my worn photos of these tights:

These tights are comfy and cute... and... CHEAP.
I paid $7.73+$2 shipping and they arrived earlier than expected.

Skeleton Tights
These can be found many, many places. Such as: eBay, Wal-Mart (around Halloween), Target (around Halloween), Halloween costume shops, Hot Topic, and so on.

Harlequin Tights
I bought these from eBay and I do love them~ very comfortable and affordable. :3

Hello Kitty Tights
I found these at Hot Topic (in stores) on clearance. $2 a-piece!

I know there must be other sites out there selling cute, printed tights. eBay is a really nice place to look and find cute, cheap tights (as long as you know to look at feedback and such). You can also find cute, printed tights from ManiaQ, Spank!, and other Japanese brands (you will need a shopping service, though)!

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