Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goodwill haul!

Sorry for not posting in a while! I've been working a lot, spending time with my boo in my free time, and had to see off my best friend (she's going into the navy ; ___ ; ). Anyways, I try to go to Goodwill as often as possible whenever I have the time or extra money. With Goodwill you never know what you may find! From pastel goodies to vintage toys, there are so many possibilities on what you might find. Here are a few things from my last Goodwill shopping spree~

This cute "Happy Halloweenie" shirt is nice and comfy... and it also GLOWS IN THE DARK.
I love that the hair and bow on the dog are pastel. In all this is just an adorable shirt... and for only $1.50!

A blue sequin belt and shiny purse with a sequin strap, both for a total of $3.

A glittery, shimmery, pink skirt that I just love! This little cutie was only about $2!

Last, but certainly not least... a pair of All Star brand pink, glittery converse! FOR FOUR DOLLARS and they looked as though they had never been worn and also had pink star shoelaces. I knew I had to buy them, how could I not?

I plan on going thrifting this weekend, which means I will be heading back to Goodwill, so hopefully I can have another haul for you all!

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