Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hate Hearts by Drop Dead ♡

I had been hunting down this shirt for quite a bit now since it seems to be pretty rare since being banned. I would normally not pay $70+ for a shirt, but again I say... this is hard to get a hold of.
Anyways, since this was bought second hand I will not be reviewing Drop Dead's services. Just the Hate Hearts shirt~

I'd say the overall quality of this shirt is very decent. The fabric is nice and soft- I also love the collar! I love it this shirt in general, just to put it simply. However~ If this item was not hard to find I definitely would not spend $70 on it, but that is just my personal opinion. My shirt is a size medium, which I usually wear small-medium in junior to women's sizes; however, this item has been known to run a bit small, so it is best to get a size above what you normally wear. I'm actually really happy that this is a medium instead of a small! Anyways, here are some detail photos of the conversation hearts: 

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