Monday, June 3, 2013

30 Day Lolita Challenge ~ Day 2!

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

Local meet-up group shot.
  1. The clothing, duh! I love all of the beautiful and cute dresses. There are so many different styles, prints, colors... ♥(ノ´∀`)
  2. The hunt. That sounds so weird and serious~ I mean hunting for pieces you really want! The disappointment in missing out on a piece you've been looking for or not having the money for it right then is so heartbreaking... but then saving for it. Finding it. Finally getting to purchase it and then hold it. It is especially an amazing feeling for me to find good deals, since I try not to purchase things unless they are less than the average sale price (unless I REALLY want it, or have a stupid moment). It is also an amazing feeling to pay something off that you had a payment plan on!
  3. The best part - The people I have met and new friends I have because of this fashion. I have met a lot of sweet people in my community and have talked to very interesting people just because I was wearing lolita clothing.
  4. The meet-ups! I work 5-6 days a week (35+ hours) and it is nice to be able to get out! I get to be around other people who wear/love lolita and do fun activities and eat tasty foods. ♡
  5. The confidence I feel when I dress up. Since I work a lot and don't do much, I enjoy dressing up and putting effort into my appearance. It makes me feel pretty and happy with myself. I love hearing little girls say I'm a princess or saying they want to look like me. I love getting compliments while walking through the store with my boyfriend. I know I hear a lot of negative comments, get stared at, and have people take pictures of me to show their friends and make fun of... but the positive comments rule over the negative. ♡
  6. The quality. Oh, the quality. As a beginner, I had the mind-set "lolita is expensive." I owned Bodyline and my boyfriend bought me a Milky-Chan replica and I saved up for one or two handmade pieces (not by me). My mother bought me my first Angelic Pretty dress for Christmas 2011 and I. Fell. In. Love. The quality was wonderful! It was so soft, delicate, and just... amazing.
  7. The shoes~ even though I only own two pair >__> I need to buy more shoes. Anyways, I love tea parties. They are ADORABLE. There are so many different styles and colors... I love the bows, heart shaped buckles... I love the "chunky", platform lolita shoes and rocking horse shoes, too. The classical, elegant shoes that suite classic and gothic are beautiful. I could go on and on about the shoes, haha!
  8. The tights and socks. Whenever I first started to actually buy lolita clothing I thought "WHO WOULD SPEND THIS MUCH ON STUFF FOR YOUR FEET?!" and now I know... I will. I absolutely love printed tights and cute socks.
  9. Making a lovely coordinate! I love thinking of coordinates and imagining ways I would wear something. Once you finally have the pieces and can pull it together, it just feels magical! I also love seeing other people's coords, since everyone has there own unique way of pulling things together~
  10. The beauty. The clothing is beautiful, the inspiration is beautiful, and I have seen some of the more BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE EVER in the fashion.

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