Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 Day Lolita Challenge ~ Day 3!

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.
Angelic Pretty/hellolace
  1. I'll just say it now... THE COST. Lolita can be very expensive, even if you're not buying brand. I'm still one of those people who considers $50-$100 a lot of money, so when I'm spending $200 or so on a dress I am immediately looking in my bank account, figuring how much money I'll have at the end of my paycheck, thinking what kind of payment plan I will need, and if payment plans aren't accepted how much to save each pay and hope the item doesn't sell. It's terrible, but then when I have the item it is worth it just because I had a goal to obtain that piece and I did.
  2. To go along with number one and how much you spend on lolita... you worry about your items. "If I wear this here, will it get dirty?" "What if I sweat in this?" "I'm going to be eating and outside... should I wear something less expensive?" I have become a lot more aware of my surroundings and what not because of lolita. Depending on what I will be doing that day, I plan my outfit based on if something might happen to it. ; A ;
  3. The drama. Ex: bashing someone for only wearing bodyline/offbrand and vice versa (all brand). Name calling (fatty chan- hate this term). I have been really annoyed recently with all of the "sweet lolita is age play". ( __ __ )m The people saying this sound just as bad as the people saying "LOLITA IS FULL OF ELITIST BURANDO WHORE BITCHES" because you have not done any research. Sweet lolita is CHILDISH, but is is NOT age play. Seriously, look up age play- people in diapers, wanting to be fed from bottles... I like to wear dresses with toys and cute prints, but I sure as hell do not want to wear a diaper or some shit. In reality, we are all wearing freaking petticoats and "weird dresses", so why must we insult other styles? ~end rant.
    Photo from m*lanoo.
    Cosplay lolita. Sorry, but I don't want to be looking for nice coords and see a lot of girls in cheap dresses covered in ruffles and lace saying "this is my lolita cosplay". There are lolita characters in anime and manga to cosplay, but lolita in general is a FASHION. Calling it cosplay just gives people more reason to believe I am walking around in a little bo peep costume.
  5. M!lan00 and people who support this company KNOWING what they have done to other people just because it's cheap. You want something cheap? Buy from taobao, re-sellers, second-hand, Bodyline... BUT DO NOT SUPPORT A COMPANY WHO SCAMS OTHER PEOPLE. You're just helping to keep them in business and give them profit.
  6. People who claim certain things "aren't lolita". Ex: Say I have facial piercings and I wear them with my lolita coords and someone tells me "that's not lolita, you shouldn't wear the facial piercings". Same for tattoos, religion, skin color, or going certain places (bars/clubs, etc).
  7. SUMMER HEAT. Living in Texas and wearing lolita in the summer can be HELL. I do sometimes go without a blouse- sorry, not sorry. I get heat sickness kind of easily and if not wearing a blouse means I will be a little cooler and I can still wear my outfit, then I will do it (so long as the outfit looks okay without a blouse).
  8. Negative comments from people. I hate when I am out shopping and I hear "why are you wearing THAT?" or "Hey, Alice(little bo peep, goldilocks, etc)- it isn't Halloween!" The one that really irritated me was probably when this adorable, little girl said "Mommy, look! I want to dress like her, she's a princess" (that made me so happy!) and then "What? You want to dress weird? She's no princess." EXCUSE ME?! Way to teach your daughter that dressing in anything but the "norm" is "weird"! People can be so close-minded.
  9. People feel they have every right in the world to HAVE A PICTURE OF ME. No. If I am walking though Walmart and I see you going to take a picture, prepare to: have me say something, turn around and make a lot of movement so all you get is blur, or you will be flipped off and my face will be covered. It may not be the most mature thing to do, but neither is taking someone's picture without their permission.
  10. You want everything. So many pretty skirts and dresses! Look at the cute shoes! I love those socks and tights! Wait... no money? I dpn't need them? I'll only wear that once... I'm trying to get better about this. I'm working on budgeting and getting things I can use a lot or things I actually REALLY want.


  1. Someone made an interesting post about age play that I think you should check out. :3 I mean it concerns only sweet lolitas but I think people involved in the community should read it!

    Though, I am guilty of wanting to create a lolita dress from a cosplay idea but haha I don't think that's widely accepted... u_u

  2. Thank you for the comment, Lily! I read through her post and she made a lot of good points. It is all about intent. I've seen cosplays of say... lolita pokemon and things- that doesn't bother me. You're still being a character. I don't like when girls throw on lolita- actual lolita fashion- with no character intent and call it cosplay. Does that make sense? :)

  3. Oh I see, that makes a bit more sense then, haha. :3

    Rainbow Chiffon