Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 Day Lolita Challenge ~ Day 5!

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.
 Oh, this will be tough...

Angelic Pretty/hellolace
Angelic Pretty/hellolace
  1. Dream Sky OP in lavender. Oh, how I wish I owned this! I would love to have an original, but I'm taking a shot with the re-release since it is more affordable... I just hope I can be lucky enough to get it.
  2. Milky Planet Salopette in lavender. I love the print of Milky Planet and I love the scallops on the original... so when I saw the salopette I fell in love with it! If I could get the original Milky Planet I would want the halter neck JSK in blue.
  3. Bodyline's Musical Note JSK in white (Melody Doll replica). For some reason I have a real liking for this dress. I like that it is so simple.
  4. Toy Fantasy JSK in blue. The print is just so cute... and in blue it is just even better!
  5. Heart Marble Chocolate and Sugar Coated Cookies scalloped JSK in sax. I adore the rounded color, heart buttons, and the print over all!
  6. Twilight Circus JSK II in ivory. I saw this print... and just... wow.
  7. Sugary Carnival JSK or OP in probably... black. I love how this print looks against the black and it would match my tote bag, haha~
  8. Dessert OP lavender (2008) and Dessert OP mint (2010). I love the look of these two and two of my favorite colors!
  9. Fantastic Dolly, preferably OP, in lavender or maybe even ivory. At first this dress was just pretty to me... but then I would see it, and like it more... and more... and more...
  10.  Last, but not least. Dreamy Color Salopette in lavender. I owned this in mint, but I reallllly only want it in lavender. Maybe someday. Also, Cherry Berry Bunny in yellow, either JSK or OP!

Not in any specific order~ These are just some of the main pieces I want ; A ;

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