Friday, June 7, 2013

30 Day Lolita Challenge ~ Day 6!

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.
Meci, Justin, and I
  1. Supportive friends and family. My mother was very supportive of this since she likes the modest look and likes that I express myself. She will crack jokes about my outfits sometimes, but I know she is just picking at me. She will sometimes steal my head bows and wear them around, too ♡ My dad, well... he doesn't really care, haha. I've gone out to do things with him in pretty casual lolita and he didn't mind, so... all is well! My boyfriend and friends all support and love seeing me in lolita, which makes me very happy. My best friend, Katerina, will dress up with me sometimes (although she's in the Navy now ; __ ; ) and my other best friend, Justin (he was my current boyfriend when I got into the fashion, and he helped a lot), is trying to get into kodona.
  2. Meet-ups and the Metroplex Lolitas! When I first started lolita I didn't really think about being in a community. When I did start to think about it I thought they were all so far away that I would never be able to attend meet-ups. I finally found out about the Metroplex Lolitas and they are only a 2 - 2 and a half hour drive from here, and Justin said he would take me and go with me! I finally got to attend my first meet-up towards the end of 2012. I had a lot of fun! It is nice to be around other girls who wear the same fashion, and I don't talk to many people, so getting out with a group of people once a month or two is very nice! Not to mention, you can dress up and go alll out since you won't be by yourself~
  3. Petticoats and poof! I will admit, if I'm just going out somewhere for a short amount of time, but REALLY want to dress up- I will wear a small pannier or no petticoat *gasp*! However, when I am going out somewhere and will be out and about for a while, I wear my petticoat.
  4. The internet. This is wear I buy 99.99% of my lolita clothing. Second hand sites/groups, auctions, webshops... I can also look up information, coordinates, reviews, and so on. If it wasn't for the internet- I would not even wear lolita.
  5. Bodyline and other "off"brands. Cheap shoes and blouses among other things! These can be very helpful to get the basics for your wardrobe. Bodyline also offers cheap dresses and skirts, so you can build your wardrobe more with those for more daily wear or casual wear.
  6.  The postal service. Without this there would be no way for me to have my items shipped to me for me to obtain. I complain a lot about USPS since their services seem to be slacking. Fed ex and UPS are expensive... but in all reality, I need the postal services. A lot.
  7. This used to not be too high of a priority for me... but shopping services. I've realized you can get some sweet deals on Japanese auction sites. Even paying the fees and shipping you can still find some items cheaper than buying second-hand from another seller.
  8. Inspiration and confidence. Need I say more?
  9. Accessories, socks/tights, make-up, bloomers, my camera. Just to throw all of these out there! I like to have at least a few accessories. I don't really like to show my legs, so I looove tights and OTKs. I will sometimes wear UTKs and every now and then might just wear crew/ankle socks and show my legs... Make-up? I think it can help make the look. There have been times I have not worn it (see #3), but I usually try to wear it- even if it is just a little. Bloomers- or shorts, they work. So long as know one can see your underwear! My camera because I like to take pictures of my outfits and I just like to take pictures in general, haha.
  10. Two of the most obvious things you need in lolita. Lolita clothing... duh! Money to obtain lolita clothing! I am always asking my manager to give me as many hours as possible because the more extra money I have the more I can spend on lolita (and other things). That will change when school starts and I move out, etc. But that day will come later... haha.

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