Sunday, June 23, 2013

30 Day Lolita Challenge ~ Day 22!

Day 22 – A picture of your room.

I apologize. Today has been a busy day as I worked and was out doing things for my birthday (even though it is tomorrow- the 24th). It is late now, so I will update this in the morning with pictures of my room and will also get Day 23 ready for you. Thank you!

Edit: Here are the photos of my room! Please excuse the mess, my boyfriend is over now and I've been out quite a bit~

My Pokemon N64, I just... I love it!

I use a writing desk as my entertainment area, haha.
I usually have it closed so it doesn't look as messy, but I've got my PS3 out right now.
I also have out some ice cream bowls that I found while thrifting!

My shelves with my anime/manga and my big bookshelf with my stuffed animals.
I've got some accessories and a parasol hanging up in between my shelves.
My mirror and some junk is also beside them, haha. I usually keep my room tidier...

My bed, dressers, and the best part of my room... my lolita dresses!
I love to hang them up so I can always look at them~
(A few aren't up because they were worn recently or I have them down to sell)

My curtains~ they are actually lavender and have the sheer spider web fabric over them.
I have things hanging on them to sell, ha. Not Soft Cream, though ;3

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