Friday, July 19, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival ~ How do I Break the "Rules" of Lolita?

This weeks topic is about breaking the "rules" of Lolita. What rules, some of you may ask... well,
you can read some about it here or look through a lot of posts here.
How do I, personally, break the rules of Lolita?
The most common rule I probably break is not wearing a blouse under my JSKs. I live in East Texas and it gets extremely hot and extremely humid. Throw in me getting heat sickness and car sickness easily on top of that and it is worse. So, during the summer I try to stay as cool as possible. I've even had a few people say I shouldn't bother wearing it in the heat, but I like to dress up. As long as I stay air conditioned and keep hydrated, I'm okay!

Sometimes... I show my knees. Some people say there should be NO knees shown in Lolita, but I believe in the "1-2 inches" above the knee "rule". 

I have gone out without a petticoat - le gasp! I've seen a few girls say "if it looks like it doesn't need a petticoat, don't wear one". While one of the main things to make Lolita ~Lolita~ is the shape, I think going without a petticoat can still look nice. It is no longer necessarily Lolita, but perhaps Otome? I suppose it depends on how it is worn.

I guess, considering how elegant and cute Lolita is supposed to be, wearing sneakers with it may be breaking a rule... and I know I have done that also! Oh, well.
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