Friday, July 12, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival~ Reactions to Me Wearing Lolita!

I'm sure most lolitas have heard these comments (I know I have!):
"Are you Little Bo Peep? Where are your sheep?"
"Hey Alice, Wonderland is that way!"
"What play are you in?"
"You do know it isn't Halloween, right?"

Going along with sarcastic/annoying/rude reactions, the one that bothered me the most was a comment a little girl's mother made while I was shopping one day. I was standing behind them in Goodwill looking through a rack of clothes when I heard the little girl say "Mommy, I want to dress like her! She's a princess!" This made me smile- how cute! Then I heard the mother reply with "Why? You don't want to have any friends?" I AM SORRY, BUT EXCUSE ME? That right there is why your daughter will grow up conforming to the ways of others and not doing anything out of the normal for fear of being an outcast. I was so enraged by this comment that I felt it best to just walk away, because I am one of those people that when I say something... it is not pretty. I've also gotten the people who ask me what I am wearing, but obviously want to just pick on me about it. They snicker while I tell them that it is clothing- a Japanese fashion. Then they will snicker and make comments as they walk away. I've also had the people try to be sneaky and take pictures of me, only for them to realize I am watching them, their flash is on, or their shutter sound is on. When this happens, I just move around a lot to be sure they just get a blur. Of course, I also get the stares. You know... when you're walking and someone almost breaks their neck to see what you are wearing? Those stares.

On to some positive reactions! I get a lot of compliments from older ladies usually telling me that I am cute or adorable. I sometimes get asked for photos- usually by very nice mothers wanting to show their daughters that they saw a princess, or by younger people saying they love my unique fashion and how cute I am. There have been a few times while I'm shopping I will notice people just smiling at me and one guy gave me a thumbs up and nodded his head at me? I guess he approved, haha. 

If I could give anyone a few tips for wearing Lolita out in public, they would be:
  1. Be confident.
  2. Ignore the stares.
  3. Don't take all of the negativity to heart.
  4. Enjoy the compliments!
  5. If you are worried about being alone in Lolita in public, go out with a friend or significant other.
  6. Have fun and have a nice time out ♡

I've gotten a lot of different reactions, but I would love to hear of others experiences!

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