Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival ~ My Style Inspirations!

I've posted a little before on people who inspire my style, but things change - so let us see what I've got!

Teapartymadness on Livejournal (well, Daily Lolita) has THE MOST AMAZING OUTFITS. She is cute, has well-coordinated outfits, and every time I see her outfits it makes me want to dress up and be super cute also. Some of her outfits are full of pastels and super sweet, while others are cute and elegant. She has a blog that is mainly in Finnish (with some English), but has a lot of amazing photos!

I’m really very happy with this outfit. (*´◡`*)Cadney is also a big inspiration with her adorable outfits! I also love seeing her more classic outfits, as I want to incorporate more classic pieces into my wardrobe. Most of her classic outfits have a bit of a sweet twist, which is just wonderful! 

I love to see Peachie's outfits, but I think what inspires me most about Peachie is her personality. She is just about always so cheerful and bubbly. You can check out her DeviantArt and YouTube.

Miss Lillith wears a lot of "bittersweet" and gothic (I need gothic pieces ; A ;). Some of her coordinates are pretty "busy", but her style is unique~ OMG WAS SCROLLING THROUGH HER TUMBLR AND FOUND OUT SHE IS FROM TEXAS ALSO, WOW. Anyway~ she has a YouTube, DeviantArt, and an Instagram.

 These are my main style inspirations (Lolita-wise) and I guess not much has changed since the last time I spoke of my inspirations!

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