Friday, September 6, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival ~ A Piece I Have Not Worn in a Long Time and Why I am Holding Onto It?

To be honest, I sold quite a bit of items I did not wear... I do have a few pieces I've bought within the past few months I have not worn yet, but I am definitely not selling them any time soon!
In July I paid off a payment plan on a Sugary Carnival OP set in black. For $370 including shipping for the headbow, the two pairs of socks to match, the tote, and the OP... I couldn't pass it up (not to mention I stalked the sale for weeks and it wasn't selling, so the price lowered and I could finally afford it ; u ;). When I first put it on the zipper got stuck going passed my ribcage, which I thought was odd since I had NEVER had this problem? It actually made me a little upset and I thought about selling it right then, but I've been looking at ways to get the zipper to not stick and every time I look at this dress I think of how cute it is- so now I just need to figure out how I want to wear it!
I bought Jewelry Jelly as a gift to myself for my birthday since Lolita Desu had a free shipping event and the dress was on sale for $150 ( When I bought it, I managed to get it at $149 in my cart? I saved a dollar ~ yaaay!) I sold my skirt version since I got such a bad deal on it that it literally just bothered my to the point where I couldn't enjoy it... Now I have this beauty, but I've had no chance to wear it! All of the events I've done lately I've already had other coordinates planned. I really need to wear this beauty soon!

This dress has just been difficult for me to coordinate, haha. I'm really not sure why as I have seen many coordinates with it and I know I could make a nice coord for it... I need to work on this because it is just too adorable to just hang on my wall!

This dress I have actually had since March and I have not worn it since (other than a quick outfit contest snap). I'm really not sure why I haven't worn it since I love the old school look! I know I will hold onto this dress because (it was my first BtSSB!) I wore this dress to Anime Matsuri and met Misako, Midori, Masumi, and Tomomi.

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