Friday, November 8, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival ~ How I Got Interested in Lolita Fashion!

We all started somewhere...

Thinking back to when I first found Lolita... I was in about seventh grade and I was probably looking at anime or punk clothing - something like that. I looked at it for a while and I remember that I thought it was pretty. However, at that time I was going through my "baggy, black clothes with a lot of eyeliner" phase. It was probably towards the end of tenth grade that I found photos of Lolita fashion again, but this time I kept looking at photos. I would look at all kinds of different coordinates and I spent a lot of my free time just going through photos. In eleventh grade my mom decided she would get my first dress for me (and I ended up getting two - from Bodyline). I was very ita... I still loved to see everyone else's outfits and once I got a job I started to buy a few things... Once I got my job at Subway I started buying more and now here I am! I think that also having supporting family and friends/boyfriend has helped me a whole lot!

I actually use to look at a lot of photos of Takulu! Most of the other photos were street snaps~

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