Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival ~ What My Family Thinks About Lolita Fashion!

When I first started getting into Lolita I would show my mom pictures and talk to her about it quite a bit. She seemed to really like it and even bought me my first dresses! My mom also bought me my first brand dress (well, set) from the egl_sales_comm for Christmas in 2011.
My first brand dress!
Angelic Pretty's Glitter Trump OP~

My dad and brother never say much about me liking Lolita fashion or wearing it? I've been out in public in Lolita with them and they didn't mind at all. Though, I will admit, it wasn't very "done-up" Lolita~ I still think that they don't mind it and like the fact that it is something that I enjoy.
Since Matthew, my boyfriend, is a big part of my life I will include his opinion on Lolita fashion. He thinks it is strange, haha. Not in a bad way though. He thinks it is interesting and loves that it is something I love. He will listen to me ramble on about dresses, brands, items I want... even though he may not know what some of it means (though by now, he knows quite a bit about it, haha)! The only time he (I wouldn't say doesn't like me to wear it) prefers(?) I not wear it is on really cold and or windy/rainy days because he says I complain about being cold too much! This is true though, so I understand, haha.

At a Lolita meet wearing my Memaw's dress
My Memaw (R.I.P) loved that I dressed up differently and would always compliment my "cute" and "pretty" clothes. When she passed away my mother gave me a dress of hers that is so beautiful and works very well in a Lolita outfit. I love wearing it very much and it is very special to me.
My Granny seems to like toned-down Lolita. She used to sew a lot and make clothing for people, so she always likes to see the details on my pieces.

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