Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anime Matsuri ~ Part One!

Hello, hello! This past weekend I attended Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas~
It was a lot of fun, mainly because of my friends though...
Anyways, this will be part one of my Anime Matsuri posts!
On Friday we arrived at the hotel at 8A.M. to find out they were not going to let us do early check-in even though we had requested it and were going to pay for it. Ugh! Now we were stuck just wandering around til 3P.M. I missed the Putumayo Q&A and looked terrible most of the day :(
When we finally got into our room I changed into Angelic Pretty's Toy Fantasy... and didn't get an outfit photo. Maybe I will find one later. I did attend the fashion show later that night, which was supposed to start around 8, I think? The schedules were all unclear. We didn't get in until about 9:30 and that was with a Super Pass... -.- The fashion show was amazing (and I will have a separate post for it). After the fashion show, I quickly went to get in line for Midori and Akira's autograph session for Siesta. It was complete chaos trying to find the room and the line.

Midori and Akira are so cute, omg.
Akira, autographing my photo book.
Midori, autographing my photo book.
Midori let me snap a photo of her with my autographs~
I attended the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates Q&A which was fun, but not many of the actual people attending the panel got to ask questions?

It was nice getting to hear what the models and Masumi had to say~

Right after the Q&A was the Baby and Alice tea party~ Of course I sat with the girls from my comm, the Metroplex Lolitas! We took a lot of photos and talked a lot while we waited to be able to get food.
Natsuki and Leyla
Kyo and Vivian

too much cute.
The Princes!
Vivian and Vivian~

Most of the tables had gotten food except for our and one or two others when they announced that we were basically out of food... I don't understand how there was not enough food prepared when they knew how many people would be at the tea party. We each got a scone and juice, tea, or coffee. After the guests came in the did bring in some sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies... 

The models and Masumi walked around to look for best dressed (and most people got photos during this time, hehe)
Vivian and Akira had matching vests~
Akira is so perfect.
Aya and Masumi stopped to smile for me~
I got a selfie with Midori~~~ so happy!

Everyone at the Baby and Alice tea party received a Usakumya make-up pouch and Midori passed out a photo that said "Welcome to the Tea Party"~
We also got a group photo with everyone!
photo from Midori
simple make-up~
outfit shot~
I don't even know, haha~
I'll finish up talking about Saturday and Sunday + random photos in another post, and then have another for the fashion show! Stay tuned!

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