Saturday, April 12, 2014

Anime Matsuri ~ Part Three!

The Sunday tea party had less people than Saturday, more food, and music with neighing horses~ haha!

I sat at table "Lloyd" with four other girls, one being from the Metroplex comm also.

Mini macarons and tuffles.

Team Lloyd!
 People from different comms/areas stating where they are from. Mar representing the Metroplex comm!

Miss Lillith! 
There was a cat on our sign.
... I love cats.

Our mascot and our sign.
My coord~
I was a creepy, but cute witch!
Group shot with the girls from our table, the models, and designer!
Sorry again for not posting for a bit! School and work are definitely keeping me busy...
I'll try to post some more through the rest of this semester. I should be able to post quite a bit during the summer, though!

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