Jenniloo, who?

The Creator of Pretty Little Habits.

 A little more detailed information about me. My name is Jennifer and I live in East Texas. I would say I live in a small town, but I really do not even live in a town. I was born on June 24, 1994. I work at Subway as a ~*~sandwich artist~*~ and attend Kilgore College, so that I can one day be a nurse. I first found Lolita fashion when I was in seventh grade ('07-'08~ish) and started wearing the fashion when I got into eleventh grade (2011~ish). I am a part of the Metroplex Lolita group. I do wear other styles than Lolita, so expect to see some of that also (fairy kei, creepy cute, etc). I collect too much stuff, such as: cute 80-90s toys, Sanrio, San-X, Gloomy Bear, Pokemon, other cute/nerdy/vintage things. My collection is small... but growing (even though I don't have much more room for it to grow). I will forever be young at heart, no matter how "grown up" I am.

Disclaimer: I try to credit images to their rightful owners. Some images (such as my "follow" icons) were found on tumblr and are hard to find the original source. If I have used your image, feel free to contact me to have it removed or credited!

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